Flash Solution


Treatment objective: to moisturise your skin while you are relaxing, to give an introduction to MATIS products and to get to know your beauty expert

Age: 25 years and over

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: 25.000,-

I would recommend this treatment to those who have not tried any MATIS products yet but would like to give their skin the pampering that this French company has to offer. I would also recommend this treatment for those who already have their beautician but are interested in a novelty and are attracted by the environment and atmosphere offered in our saloon. In all cases, treatment starts with cleaning, which is carried out according to the steps set forth in the French protocol. This includes the peeling of the eye contour, a unique MATIS feature. This is followed by a 30-minute face and décolleté massage, followed by a moisturising mask. As a finishing to this treatment I will nourish your skin with moisturising products once again.

Treatment objective: to relax, unwind and recharge

Age: 25 years and over

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 22.000,-

I increase the effectiveness of the massage with an absorption enhancer plus either a hyaluronic acid moisturizer or an essence rich in vegetable oils. The oxygenating essence fills your skin cells with oxygen, increasing the energy and division of cells, and so enhancing your skin's absorption capacity for optimum efficiency.